Monday, 26 July 2010

So what this is about?

This is about me commenting comics I have been reading.

There is a fair amount of blogs and other sites out there doing this already, but I noticed that except for couple of sites they concentrated on whatever came out this week. Which is all fine and proper, but betrays an attitude I do not fully share.
I see comics as an art form. Not just in a highbrow way like Finnegan's Wake or L'Année dernière à Marienbad are art (though those too have their place) but also like Pride and Prejudice or Terminator 2 are art. And one of the characteristics of art is that it is not bound to specific week or month until it is replaced by next week's offerings, the work exists in itself.
Actually I am quite poor at picking up comics (or books or music or movies) right after they come out, I usually let time to do a bit of separation for me and come looking after a year or two. If the work cannot be found anymore after this probation period it couldn't have been that good anyway.

I should mention that I do have quite broad taste in what I like, so in future pieces I will be picking American, European and Japanese (and other too, should I come across any) comics of various styles. Some of them might be out of print (but there's no reason why they should be) and some of them might not be available in all the languages of the world, English included (but there's no reason why they shouldn't be, unless otherwise mentioned).
My comments will be mostly on positive side, I do read good comics after all.

More metacomments posted when necessary.

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